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At Elite Auto Gas we specialise in reliable gas conversions that are completed to industry standards. Call us today for a quote.


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We offer a complete range of quality gas conversions to customers throughout Perth and the surrounding areas.


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Our professionally trained team are here to provide gas conversions to all vehicles no matter what model.


Diesel-Gas Conversions

About Our Diesel-Gas Conversions

At Elite Auto Gas we provide expert Diesel-Gas conversions to clients looking to get the most out of their diesel engines. Our technicians are fully trained in installing the dual Diesel & Gas systems to increase the performance and economy of your engine.


Our innovative conversion systems have a range of benefits, not only in performance, but also for your hip pocket. A Diesel-Gas converted engine produces an increase in fuel economy, an increase in torque and power, better throttle response and control, as well as decreasing diesel emissions due to cleaner burning.

Using the latest in modern technology, the sophisticated computer module, which is installed under the dash, controls the flow of LPG into the diesel engine to increase overall performance of the engine. Non-invasive and working independently, the Diesel-Gas conversion requires not engine modification at all.


With our experience in the gas conversion industry, you can trust our specialised technicians to deliver the best conversion for your vehicle. At Elite Auto Gas you will only receive the highest quality Diesel-Gas conversions.

If you have questions regarding industry standards and our qualifications, or would like a conversion for your diesel engine, just talk to one of our friendly team from Elite Auto Gas today.

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